Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Present- A lesson plan on a video

Lesson Plan
This is a lesson around disabilities and how someone can deal with their own. It is a short film by Jacob Frey based on a comic strip by Fabio Coala.
Language Level: Pre-intermediate (A2) – Lower Intermediate (B1)
Learner type: Teenagers, young adults
Time: 50 minutes
Activity: Listening to the beginning of the film, speculating what it is about, predicting what is going to happen next, watching the film to the end, writing a narrative
Language : Vocabulary related to disabilities, emotions, present simple and present continuous
Material: Short film

Step 1
Write the word “present” on the board. Elicit vocabulary related to the topic.
What do people usually give as presents?
On which occassions?
Step 2
Let the learners listen to the beginning of the film with no pictures till the moment that the boy opens the box and the puppy is barking. You can even ask them to close their eyes and see  if they can visualise the scene better that way. Stop the video and ask them what it is about.
What sounds can you hear?
Who is talking?
What is the present?
Step 3
Let them see the film from the beginning till the moment that the boy rejects the puppy.
Elicit vocabulary about emotions, e.g. excited, disgusted, gross, happy, playful
How does the boy react to the present at first?
Why does he reject it?
How does the puppy feel?
Step 4
Let them see the scenes with the puppy and the ball.
Elicit vocabulary about movements and actions, e.g. push away, fall upside down, notice, limp, run into, push with its nose, cupboard, cardboard, ball
Step 5
Let them see the film to the end.
How is the boy reacting to the puppy’s play?
What surprises you?
Elicit vocabulary related to physical  disability, e.g. crutches, amputee, amputate
Step 6
After the film expand about the topic.
Do you remember what the boy does at the beginning of the film? Where is he? What  is the room like ? Why? Is he trying to hide from something?
How does the puppy help the boy after all?
How do you feel about the film?
Step 7
As homework, ask the students to write a narrative of the story. Write the link of the film on the board so that they can refer to it in case they forget some parts.