Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spread Literature into the world! Links and Slides of our Presentation

Here you will find all the links of the videos and  music which are uploaded related to our project Spread Literature into the world! - full version
Liteature project
GRGPS- Spread Literature into the world DEMO
GRGPS- Literature project - Part 1
As much as you can - Kavafis (song)
The seagull - Elytis (song)
There is also SlideShare upload of the  Poems - Text of our presentation at TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Convention as well as trhe Power Point at TESOL Macedonia - Thrace Convention

As a follow up activity, I asked our students to write their thoughts on padlet. Not all of them have done it yet. Furthermore, the primary school pupils have  blog where they are abut to share their opinion.

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