Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dare them to practise Positive Thinking-Showtime!

And the time has come to show what my students have thought of as their good qualities. In my previous post about positive thinking I mentioned that they should make a list.
Well, I went a little bit beyond that point and I asked them to make a 'selfie' video of their thoughts. I was certain that they would get more motivated and go into that task right away- you know how thrilled they get about selfie photos and videos. Furthermore, I did not want to spend more time from the lesson to shoot videos. Last but not least, I wanted to make sure that they would complete the homework I had assigned them.
Another step that I took was to expand this task to all levels. It crossed my mind that all learners, despite their age and language level, have to remind themselves of thei good points of their character; it's more like a reflection of their strengths. Therefore, we adjusted the activity to their language knowledge and they processed it practising speaking, writing and descriptive vocabulary.
There have been learners, however, who are not confident enough to expose themselves on a video. I did not put any pressure on them. They made their lists, which have been added on our padlet wall. The main target of the task is to make them think and approach their goals with a positive attitude. Some others have procrastinated their task but I am sure they will finish it as soon as they see our padlet wall.
And now... I present you my students who would like to share their qualities with you and what makes them special!

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