Friday, 9 May 2014

Make them be excited to speak!

Early in the afternoon. First lesson with nine-year-old pupils, Level A.1. Not very excited about a speaking activity, would they? But this time it worked as an ice breaker! And it came from them! I never stop getting surprised at what can come up unexpectedly, whether good or bad.

The kids were eager to show me the photos they took on their daily excursion to the renovated seafront of our city.

And that was it! I took their memory card from their camera, stuck it into the laptop and over the projector we could see the photos. 

I had never seen them more involved in the task. They revised vocabulary about animals, plants, colours, actions and leisure activities. It was a good chance to practise Wh-questions and grammar, using Present Continuous, modals and plurals.

Below, I have added the photos I asked them to describe, and the questions I used.

What can you see?
Where is it?
Is it sunny?
What time is it?
What is this?
What flowers are these?
What colour are they?
How many umbrellas are there?
What can you do in a cafe?

What can you see here?
Is it big or small?
What is it doing?

What colour are the fish?
Where are they?


  1. Great idea, it reminds me of something I worked on with young students some years ago when they were looking forward to their one-day school trip (hmerisia) and I brought them pictures of the place they were going to visit.

  2. That is awesome! So, your activity could be done before an excursion and mine as a follow-up task!