Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Let Peace talk through Arts- Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I chose three different kinds of Arts to talk about Peace with my Intermediate students in their project.
This time I used a video showing an amazing artist Ilana Yahav drawing on the sand.
These are the steps I followed to encourage my students to talk about the video.
Step 1
Let the students watch the video. Ask them to note down as many words as they remember from it. It can be  pair work or  group work
Step 2
On a “Globe”  mindmap write the subheadings “Earth” “War” “Peace”
Let the students list the vocabulary they have found accordingly. This is the time you can expand their vocabulary and add new words they do not know in English.
Step 3
This video is full of symbolism. It is a good opportunity to encourage your students to talk about symbols and what they understand from them, i.e lighting – symbol of ? = destruction, an old man – symbol of? = wisdom, sun shining – symbol of? = hope, future, a new beginning
Step 4

As homework you can give them the assignment to write a review of the video.  In the classroom they can check their writing in  pairs and improve any parts in grammar and vocabulary. 

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