Thursday, 26 September 2013

Project - It is showtime!!!

And the time has come to present our final outcome!!!
Before filming my B1 students I had prepared their background with pictures of their presentations.
They were impatient to start and they were curious about how they look on the screen. What have they learned? They could speak for a minute on their own without my intruding and it was their own work that they had prepared. In the previous lessons they talked about the topics, they prepared their writing, they edited it, they rehearsed their presentation.
What have I learned?
I really enjoyed our lessons, the time passed by so quickly and I realised that students need just a little boost to start creating.
B2 students are coming up. Wish me good luck in our filming outdoors!!! :) 

John - Poseidonio Center  (No, it's not the same boy... they are twins!)

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  1. That's what I love in projects!! People work together, children try new things they use the language and they have a great feeling of achievement when they are done! Thank you so much for participating!!!