Sunday, 22 September 2013

The project - Part 1 (groupB)

As I described in my previous post with my upper intermediate students, I followed the same procedure with my B1 students. As you may notice, the mistakes are more but they did not prevent the learners from getting their ideas across.
So quickly to recap:
Step 1
I took photos of their work.


Step 2
I showed their presentations on the board over a projector and made any corrections necessary together -I know, one is missing... I guess I skipped taking a photo of it. Sorry about that!
I encouraged them to edit the texts on their own and I intervened when they got stuck.


Step 3
I let the students make any alterations in their writing in their notebook and then we talked how they want to film their project. Now, I thought to give them two options. We can either visit the sights or we can film the students standing in front of the board with photos of their sight sliding behind them over a projector. I thought that they may talk with less hesitation if they feel that no one is watching them. Younger learners feel more secure in a familiar environment.

That's all for now. Next time I meet my students we will decide when we meet and how we film our projects. Of course, there will be rehearsals of their presentations as well!!!

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