Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The project - step 1

As I have promised in my previous post, I am going to describe how we have worked on the presentations for the project I participate with other collegues aroud the world.

The students are in upper-intermediate level. No wonder that not all of them brought their work at all or complete or of full length. So, we had to start all over again. I thought to take photos of their work and show them over a projector on the white board. Then, with the help of the interactive board we made changes, vocabulary/spelling/grammar corrections and enriched the text if we noticed that it was too short. We didn't have much time so we were halfway.

Presentation1 - by Elena

She is new in class so I tried to make her feel comfortable. Her presentation was rather short and she didn't seem to have caught the concept of the project. Thus, I opened the word processor and I typed the text that she was producing. They all could see the text on the white board. The other students helped too as I was asking them what else we could include in the presentation. The result was...

At the end of the class I had the text printed and asked her to think at home if there is something more she would like to add.

Presentation 2 - by Antonis

Antonis is a boy who likes talking. That is a good thing because he improves his speaking skills but his writing shows in some parts no cohesion, there are too long sentences or he repeats things over and over again. In his case we had to shorten his text; otherwise he could go on talking for hours... :)
So, we edited his text by omitting irrelevant or unimportant facts and the outcome was...

Unfortunately, we had no more time. Next week we are going to read the rest of the presentations and decide when we are going to film the spots... till then wait  for the presentations of B1 students...

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